Here are some great back to school ideas to use in your classroom!

School Magnets!

These are great for the students parents to keep on their refrigerator! All of your information in one spot! Make sure to include your name, your school phone number, school office number, email address, and website address (plus any other information). These are very simple to make! If you do not wish to make them, then you can order some from VistaPrint and only pay for the shipping! Keep an eye out for their special offers!

How to make:

At your local teacher store get a package of small cut outs of animals, a bus, of anything, (that are durable). Attatch to each cut out a clear label (standard size with your information on it). To the back of the cut out, apply a small piece of a one sided sticky magnet. That's it!


About Me Poster (first day project)

Have all of the letters to to the students names cut out, and laying on a large table or the floor. When the students come in, have them pick out the letters to their name and glue them onto an "About Me Poster." This can be whatever you want it to be. A posterboard, a piece of construction paper etc. Then have the students create a poster about them. Their favorite foods, sport, color, hobby, t.v. show etc. Depending on the age of the students, either have these ideas written down for the students to follow as a guideline (like up on the board or overhead) or have a printed out sheet so that the students fill in the blanks. Have the students illustrate pictures to go along with their poster. Then share!


About Me Coat of Arms (first day project)

I found a really basic description of this online, but decided to spice it up! Have the students make their own coat of arms! Really make one! You can use poster board, pieces of construction paper, or worksheets, to have your students create a unique and personalized coat of arms. Use the links as resources below and get creative!

The Meaning Behing the Symbols

Shield Divisions

AND....Have you students create a digital version that they can print in color (for free) of their coat of arms! Here!

Why did a knight need to have a coat of arms? AND a coat of arms design worksheet!

Design your own coat of arms lesson plan (including symbol meanings!)

Design your own Coat of Arms book


Fish Bowl

Buy a fish bowl from Target (I got mine for $6 in the home section). Have a die cut fish for each student with their name on it. Keep the fish in the bowl and when you need to pick partners, randomly "fish bowl it." :o)


Tiny Tales

Have the students write their own memoirs! Use the book The House on Mango Street as a model (a girl coming of age in the Hispanic quarter of Chicago uses poems and stories to express her thoughts and emotions). You can create a list of topics to generate ideas. Each student chooses a topic, shares it orally with a partner and then writes a "Tiny Tale" paragraph. The next day they can choose a new topic. Continue writing these Tiny Tales until you have enough to make a Tiny Tale Book to share at Open House or whenever the parents come to the classroom! (from Instructor magazine)


Excellent Teacher

Have your students comes up with a list of what would "qualify a teacher as excellent." We know what the expectations of our students, but do we know what their expectations of us are??!!


Back to School Books

*Books with a star denotes books from Instructor Magazine's "Best Back to School Reads."

*The New Bear at School

By Carrie Weston

First Day Jitters

By Julie Danneberg

*The Best Book to Read

By Debbie Bertram and Susan Bloom

*Third Grade Baby

By Jenny Meyerhoff

*Happy School Year!

By Susan Milord

*Zip, Zip...Homework!

By Nancy Poydar



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