Caught Being Cool is a program that will be used in our classroom to reinforce good behavior. Whenever the students are caught "being cool" they will receive a Caught Being Cool slip. After the fifth time of getting caught being cool, the student enters the Cool Cat Pro-Status! Once a student receives Pro-Status, they are a Pro until the end of the month; the next month they start their training again to become a Pro in being cool! All of the Cool Cat Pro's for the month will be to watch an awesome movie during their recess/lunch time. In the beginning of the year, we will brainstorm a list of cool, appropriate movies, to watch during our caught being cool pro status "meetings." Towards the end of the year, we will have a Cool Cat Breakfast! All of the students that were caught being cool during the year, are able to come in with their parents before school to have breakfast!

Some cool cat things to do:

Help someone with their school work. Be someone's partner, when they don't have one. Help someone find something that they lost.
Help someone pick up a mess that they made. Follow directions when told the first time. Pick up our school litter, so it stays clean!
Be the fist one to volunteer for something no one else wants to do. Help younger students find their way around the school. If you find something that isn't yours, turn it in to the lost and found.



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Caught Being Cool Slips
Cool Cat Pro-Status Slips



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