"May your life leave a print on another." ~ Lindsey Baker

Want to give something back to your community? Want to instill in your students a sense of responsibility and care for others? Want to find out a way to donate some of your teacher gifts you receive? :o)

Then look into Charities!! There are many different charities that you and your class could donate to, to help others. There are also multiple things you could assemble or make to help out less fortunate individuals! Help piece our society together. The smallest donation makes a difference!

"Character is who you are when no one is around."

The Caring Quilt is a quilt that can be made during the school year. Each student can participate in making this quilt by having their own square of fabric that they are responsible for. The Caring Quilt will strengthen the students team work, sense of pride, ownership, compassion for others as well as provide them with dedication and determination. This is a great activity to build ones character, and help others in the process!

After the students have finished making their square for each quilt, sew the squares together to make a Caring Quilt! Each quilt can be donated to individuals that are in need of warmth.

Caring Quilt How-To

Each student will have their own square of fabric. The size of the square depends on how big you desire your Caring Quilt to be. 6"x 6" is a good place to start!

You can purchase fabric markers from JoAnn's, Michael's, or Hobby Lobby, for the students to use on their squares. They can write inspirational words, draw pictures or designs on their squares.

Use your parents help! Send home directions (in sheet covers, so they'll be reusable for next year) on how to trace and cut out sqaures! Since you will need multiple squares for the students, you'll need many squares traced and cut!




This is a sale put on and run by your students! The students bring in anything and everything that they would like to sell from home (like a garage sale). For part of a day, your classroom will morph into a charity event! Invite parents, other classrooms, anyone who would like to participate to come and see what they would like to purchase!

All of the money that is made during the sale goes to a charity that the class picks as a group. Students can make posters to post around the school for the sale, with pictures of where their sale money will go (ex. Endangered Species Charity).

Anything left over that was not purchased can be donated to your local Salvation Army.

Parents are also welcome to donate any new merchandise to be sold at the sale. The more merchandise, the more money raised for your charity!!

Get other classrooms in on the sale! See which classroom can raise the most money for their charity!!



Charities/Volunteer Work:

Ronald McDonald House Charity

This charity provides a home away from home for families to stay, for children that are ill in a near by hospital

Any Soldier

Send gifts to soldiers in need! They also have links to Any Marine, Any Sailor, Any Airman, Any Coast Guard

Write to the Soldiers!

Dear Soldiers

Let's Say Thanks!

Send a free printed postcard to military personnel overseas!



See what other classrooms do to help their society!!

Sharon Singer likes to have her classroom families donate money to Chemo Angels instead of receiving gifts for holidays!

Beth Newingham's class took part in a national service project where students create "hope chests" for children in hospitals, foster homes, or homeless shelters.

(To find: click on Celebrations, then Dec. Activites, then Holdiday Hope Chests)

If you'd like to share what you and your classroom do, contact me! (Make sure to put charities in the subject)





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