Organize your Library

*If you use book shelves, use book ends to keep your shelves neat! I like these star book ends.

*Create your own book labels! I like to keep book labels in my books just in case some of my books get lost or miss placed in another classroom or someone's home. These book labels are very easy to make! All you need to buy are clear (or white if you prefer) sticky labels. I get clear because they are easier to see when you put them on a book and don't interfer as much with pictures, words etc. I add a clip art, my name and something about that book belonging to me (ex. This fabulous book belongs to Mrs. Baker!). I print them off of the computer and they're done!

*Create a check in/out procedure. The one that I find the most helpful is having pockets in each book with labeled book cards with the books information (title, author etc.) If a student chooses to check that book out from the library, they are to take the book card out and put it into their numbered pocket on our classroom checkout poster. This way you know who has which book and if it gets damaged, who had it last. (I like to use the pockets that are sticky on the back, just peel and place!)

*Catergorize your library with colored labels! For instance, if you have Spanish speakers, have your Spanish books labeled with a yellow sticker on the spine. This way, they know which books are in Spanish and can make a bee line to them! You can also do this with the other books in your library. If you want to label your books by difficulty, choose a different colored sticker to place on the spine. I have seen some libraries label books with a colored "E" label, which stands for "everyone." These would be the easier books that anyone could pick up and read.

*Divide and Conquer! There's nothing worse than going to a library that's disorganized!! Anyone would have no trouble feeling overwhelmed by looking at a shelf that had no rhyme or reason to it. Make your library easily "searchable!" Divide your books into bins or shelves by genres. You can use book bin labels to categorize your books. Check out Mrs. Newingham's website for some already made book bin labels under Teacher Resources!


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Helpful Books

A Field Guide to the Classroom Library

(Grades 2-3)

by Lucy Calkins

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Gems you should have in your library


*Books with a star denotes books from Instructor Magazine's "Nonfiction Gems."


By Hans Post

*On the Scale, a Weighty Tale

By Brian Gable

*Wangari's Trees of Peace

By Jeanette Winter

*March On

By Christine Kind Farris

The Down-To-Earth Guide to Global Warming

By Laurie David and Cambria Gordon

What do Author's Do?

By Eileen Christelow

MORE yet to come, like Class Book Awards!



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