Here you will learn about our classroom management routine.

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"Bee" Your Best!

This is the card system that we use. Each student has a numbered pocket with a green, yellow and red card inside. Throughout the day, the student's goal is to stay on their green card. If a student chooses to break a rule, a card will be taken away.

1st rule break = a verbal warning
2nd rule break = green card lost
3rd rule break = yellow card lost
4th rule break = red card is lost, resulting in a sad face. The student will also fill out a Student Behavior Reflection Sheet that will be sent home to be signed.


*A note on the back of the student's monthly behavior calendar will also be made if ANY card is lost. Parent initials on the date that a card is lost is required then returned back to school the next day. This is so that you are consistenly aware of your students behavior.*

*Behavior note sent home with the first behavior calendar.*

Our Class Chart

Students will earn a sticker to be placed on their individual charts for each day they stay on their green card. Once their chart is filled, they may choose a prize from our prize box! (Students must be present in order to receive a sticker.)


Students are also able to earn "Baker Buck$" for doing a variety of things. Some examples include: turning their homework in on time, following directions, having a clean desk, helping a friend, volunteering to help, volunteering to participate in class etc. At the end of each quarter the students are able to spend their hard earned classroom money at our classroom store!

Students will also have the chance to participate in a positive rewards system:

Positive Teacher Talk for Better Clasroom Management

by Deborah Diffily

Classroom Management in Photographs

By Maria L. Chang


How do we vote on things in our classroom? With Fist to five!

Fist to Five printable version here!


Students also participate in demonstrating the six pillars of character! Learn more on our Character Counts page!


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