Extended Response Checklist

(to attached and handback with response)

Journal Prompts

Journal Writing Ideas

*copy these on colored paper, laminate and put them in your students writing binders!*

Young Writers Survival Kit

(*has great things such as: idioms, "as" similies, transitional phrases and more!)

( Melissa Forney)

Writers Toolbox

(*inlcudes: sparkle words, idioms for "terrible," metaphors and all made and kept in a paper bag!)

(Melissa Forney)




Classroom Use

Mini Progress Report (MPR)

send these home to keep your parents updated on how their child is progressing!

Open House Letter

(to be left on desk)

S.T.A.R. Binder Cover (in Comic Life)

Questions/No Questions

This is a great visual to remind students when it is appropriate to ask and not ask questions. Download the stop sign, print and paste the question face in the octagons. Copy onto green and red paper, (for the red side I used a ruler and a black marker to draw the diagnal line). Paste the two octagons together and laminate!

Octagon PDF

Question Mark face

Print out these signs that my friend Mrs.Van Dyke made, so that your students will know what to do during class! (attatch a magnet and presto, a handmade sign to hang.)


Late work that needs to be completed.

"Must Do"

Assignments that need to be turned in by everyone that day.

"May Do"

Activities that may be done after all of work is completed.





For Fun

Make "Fluffy Drool" (Harry Potter)
Teacher Report Card (you get graded!!)





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