Here are a few ideas for you to use in your classroom at the end of the school year!

Classroom Yearbook

Create a yearbook for your classroom! The year book that I created for my classroom included the students pictures and their names (like in a real yearbook, this took some time, but your students will love it!), a page with the pictures of our chicks from the Embryology unit, a word search with all of the students names (make your own at PuzzleMaker!), a page for "Miss Matthewsisms" (fun lines or things that I did during the year that the students thought were memorable), a page for their fondest third grade memory, a page for class awards, plus an autograph page. I made each student a "yearbook" (packet of pages) by making copies. The copy machine that I used had a special setting for copying pictures. Make sure to use this setting if you are copying pictures, otherwise the pictures will come out distorted!

Yearbook Cover
Miss Matthewsisms
Fondest Memories
Class Awards


Teacher Report Card

At the end of the year, I have my students grade me! You'll be curious to see what your students have to say about you!

Teacher Report Card


End of the Year Letter

Some thing to send home with your students that might bring a tear to the eye.

End of the Year Letter (girl)
End of the Year Letter (boy)
Another End of the Year Letter

End of the Year Countdown

At the end of the year, instead of doing an ABC countdown (which is to long), we did a different countdown, a Fourth Grade Countdown! There are only 11 letters in Fourth Grade, which is a lot easier, than 26! Each Day we did something different. Check out what we did!


Fourth Grade Countdown Cover


F Film Day What to do during Film Day
O Outdoor Fun Day What to do during Outdoor Fun Day
U Unifrom Day This was our field day! We all wore our class shirts: Front:"Miss Matthews' Mutts!" Back:"We're Mutts about school!"  
R Read-A-Thon Day
What to do on Read-A-Thon Day
Read-A-Thon Day Letter
Cereal Book Talk
Cereal Commercial (Newingham)
Cereal Box
T Third Grade Memory Day What to do on Third Grade Memory Day
H Hawaiian Day What to do on Hawaiian Day
G Game Day What to do on Game Day
R Red, White, and Blue Day What to do during R,W&B Day
A Animal Day What to do on Animal Day
D Dirty Clothes Day What to do on Dirty Clothes Day
E End of the Year! Say your good-byes!  





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