Techno Spud Projects-

An amazing website that has interactive web projects! Check them out and get your class involved:

Dear Soldier

Salute to Seuss


Other projects!

Discovery School-

This is a great website for everything! Free graphics and animations, lesson plans, puzzle makers, brain boosters and more.


This website lets you upload pictures to make your own slide shows. You can decorate them how you want!


This is another website that has everything a teacher could want. It has tons of teacher resources, kid activities, literature related information plus more!

Ticker Factory-

This is a website that lets you create a count down with different decorations.

Really Good Stuff-

This is a place to get whatever you want for your classroom decorations and neccessaties!

Oriental Trading-

Great stuff for your prize box! Have special holidays to decorate for? This is a great place to shop!

Vista Print-

This is an awesome website for fabulous free things! Business cards, magnets, business card magnets, postcards, stamps...anything you could want!

Rubi Star-

You can make your own rubrics quick and easy.

Teacher's Club House-

You can download awesome stuff!


I upload all of my classroom pictures here! I give the account a classroom username and password that the parents use to purchase classroom pictures.

Children's Literature Web Guide-

Find award winning children's literature here!

American Library Association-

Who can't use more literature in their classroom?



Check out Resources for more websites!


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