What to start going green? Want to get your students involved in the movement to help save our Earth?

Then teach your students how to be GLOBAL CITIZENS!!!

Here you will find many helpful links to sites where you can donate, go green in your classroom, learn about others going green, learn about how you can make your life a little bit more green and much more!!

Reward your students as individuals (or as a class) when they complete any Global Citizen Project (have a list of things they can complete). Make sure a parent signs! Present them with a Global Citizen Award after they have earned 20 Going Green points! Everyone can earn points by completing a GCP from the list. Class moto: Everyone can be a GC!


Earth Day is April 22nd every year! Set a goal to make a difference!

Have your students raise money to buy trees. Then plan them!
Make sure students are recycling everything they can within the classroom.

For Kids: Meet the Greens!

Blogs, projects and more!

Have your students plant a school garden! They can be in charge of the up keep of it!

Kiddie Gardens

Energy Quest!

Games, puzzles and more!

Go Green Database

Find lesson plans, green curicula, classroom projects, service opportunites and more!

Turn off your classroom lights! Even for an hour! Think of the energy you'll save in just one school year!

Elmer's Glue Crew!

Recycle classroom glue caps & containers!

It's Easy Being Green

(tons of links)



Going Green/Earth Day Books

Kid's Environmental Report Card have your students cast their votes!


What are you doing to Go Green?



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