T.V. Turn-Off Week

Challenge your students to go a week without watching television! Visit Screen Time to get full details and the dates for coming years. T.V. Turn-Off Week is usually in mid April.

T.V. Turn-Off Week

100's Day

List of 100 Day "Thangs"
100's Day Writing Activity
100's Day Mad Lib

How many words out of 100?

100's Day Note Home

Third Grade Count Down

To see what I have done in the past for my third grade countdown,

visit End of the Year! Woo-hoo!

Mother's Day Stationary

This is a great project for the students to make for their Mother. Take a piece of colored construction paper, cut it to about 9" in length (half). Have the students draw a line an inch up from the bottom, then fold the paper up to that line to create a fold line in a folder to hold papers. Have cut outs of ladybugs, flowers etc. in different colors for the students to choose from. They can glue these onto their cover or inside their packet. Next pass out 5-10 half sheets of paper that read "From the Desk of Mom" at the top. Have the students use washable ink pads to put their finger prints on the pages (one per page). After everyone is finished with the ink pads, have them turn their prints into creatures! Fold the packet together, hole punch it on the side, and tie it with a piece of yarn.



Pumpkin Math



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