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This game really gives students incentive to finish their homework on time! Each Friday, the students who turn in their homework on time for the week, roll the dice to play the game. Each spot has something different, and certain spots earn you awards such as renting an extra book from the library, having a milk for lunch paid for, playing a game with a friend for 10 minutes and more.

I gave this game my own little twist and changed some of the spots to mean different things, such as when you land on the library, you can rent an extra book from the library. All I did for this reward was I checked out a book under my name that the student chose, and the student was allowed to read the book, but it was never allowed to leave the classroom.

The pieces that I created for the students to use, were their own pictures. I printed them out (very small), laminated them, and ticky tacked them to the game board!

Personalize your own game!

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