Need ideas on how to interview, how to prepare and what to wear plus more? Then

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**First, women, you should always wear a dress suit to an interview. I was surprised to see a lot of women wearing pant suits to interviews. Not that pants are terrible, it is just more formal for women to wear dress suits to an interview. Remember: a dress will impress!

**Make sure to show your portfolio during your interview! A fast and easy way to do this is to pretab the pages you want to talk about during your interview. As you go along, you can take your tabs off of the pages. All I used was half cut post-it notes with the names of the page on the side to remind me of the page. A good way to show your portfolio is when you want to explain examples of your work, such as Guided Reading groups, any neat program you use in your classroom, like Cinema Club, which is one that I use. Just open up your portfolio to that page and explain away!

**Make sure your portfolio is very visually appealing! I don't scrapbook for a hobby or have had any scrapbooking experience, but when I created my portfolio, I used scrapbooking techniques to make my pages colorful and eye capturing! Don't forget to add pictures from your classroom! This paired with a small explanation will make your portfolio pages look amazing!

**Interviewing tips:

**1. Make sure you shake the hand or hands of anyone you are interviewing with, with a firm hand shake. Try to remember their names, at least their first names, so that when you are walking out, you can thank them by name for meeting with you.

**2. Make eye contact during your interview. Speak clearly and be enthusiastic. Make sure your love of children comes across!

**3. Make sure to send a thank you note, hand written, that day!! Have it out at home, so that when you get back, you will be reminded that you need to write a thank you note. Be genuine in your thank you. Really thank them for what you want to thank them for. Did you have a great interview? Thank them! Did you enjoy talking with them? Thank them! Did you appreciate them taking their time out to meet with you? Thank them!

Here is a sample thank you letter envelope address:

Mrs./Mr. So-and-So


Young Children Elementary School

12345 Cherry Lane

City, State XXXXX


**4. Do your homework and research the school! In your interview, you want to be able to have a conversation with the person. If they are asking you about which reading program you use, you want to be able to have the opportunity to say something about their reading program in return ("I noticed you use the ______reading program. That is similar to what I use.") Make sure you speak of what you found online. Ask them questions about their district. The more specific the better. Such as, "I found that you have a Conflict Resolution Program that your teachers implement in the beginning of the year. How do they go about that?"

**5. One of the best tips that I got from a friend, was to have a "Portfolio At a Glance." This is a tri-fold brochure that you can leave behind that covers most, or all, of what you have in your portfolio!! To see a sample, see below. You can simply go to Microsoft and download a free tri-fold brochure template to use in Word. Want to know what to put inside of your "Portfolio At a Glance?" Use your states goals and list examples of each. Most principals are looking for something cute, or different, to set people a part. This would be a great way to accomplish that!

**6. I created a great way to keep all of your information that you want to hand over in your interview in one spot; and guess what I came up with?! A folder!! Yes! Go to OfficeMax, when they are having their back to school sale,and buy many of the 1 cent folders with pockets (these folders can also be found at Wal-Mart or Target for 10 cents). I picked blue because it is my favorite color. On the cover of my folders, I made labels, with my name, phone number, email address and website address. You can buy these labels at Target, Wal-Mart, Office Max etc. I used the regular sized labels. The labels come in sheets of 30 I believe and all you have to do is download the template for the labels and print. The directions are on the package of labels. The one I used, you need Microsoft Word for it to work. Make sure to include in the folder:


~Cover Letter

(I put mine on pretty paper)

~Portfolio at a Glance

~Letters of Recommendation

~Copy of Certificate and Transcript

~Philosophy of Education (optional)

*Make sure to find your county's Regional Office of Education wesbite, where they list all of the job opennings in the county for educators.

*Also make sure to locate your local public Teacher & Administrator Salary Database. Since the tax payers pay our salaries, this information is public!




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