This class I designed for a summer school class. It incorporated reading The Magic School Bus book series by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen and completing experiements that went along with the books. For example, one of the books that we read was The Magic School Bus In the Time of Dinosaurs. Once we finished the book, we made our own fossils! We collected plants, leaves, flowers etc. to press into pieces of clay. We let them harden, and presto! A fossil! Along with our experiments, we cretaed a few simple crafts, such as making our own Magic School Bus bookmarks!

Some of the Magic School Bus books have activities for you to do in the back of the book. I usually copied these for the students, so they would have something at home to do with their family. I got a lot of my Magic School Bus lesson plans from Scholastic.

The students really enjoyed this class, along with reading inside our own Magic School Bus!!! I created my Magic School Bus out of a very large television box. I wrapped it in yellow butcher paper, and taped it. You can see in some spots, the markers that I was using to color the bus did not go over the tape well at all. Oh well. It happens. Then I got lots of pictures from books, Magic School Bus books along with other books, that I wanted drawn onto the bus. I made overheads of the pictures, and then traced these onto the bus (most of the pictures are traced, some are my own though). It took a very longggggggg time to make this bus. If you are thinking of making your own bus, make sure you have lotsss of spare time on your hands. How about during a summer?? I obviously couldn't make my own over the summer because it was for a summer school class, so I had to complete mine over spring break.

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