Poet's Corner is a place where the students will be able to publish their work on my website! Anyone who creates a great writing piece, will see their work get published here! This includes all forms of writing, not just poetry!

*Make sure to always write your best, for I might just spot your great work and decide to publish it!*

A student sample of a rewritten version of Eloise Greenfield's poem "By Myself."

*The words in black are Megan's, the other, the author's*


When My Eyes Are Closed

by Megan Cote

When I'm by myself

And I close my eyes

I'm an angel sitting on a cloud by heavens door

I'm a fish in a wishing well

I'm a mother with loving kids

I'm a smile on children's faces

I'm a guide to love

I'm a loving soul

I'm a dollar for the poor

I'm a breeze through a girl's hair

I'm whatever I want to be

And anything I care to be

And when I close my eyes

What I care to be

Is me


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