This wonderful game, titled Potteropoly, and all of its accessories, were created by Lindsey Matthews, and was inspired by Homeworkopoly!

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*I had the help of Britta Peterson who lent me her fantastic creation of a mini-Marauder's Map! When the students land on the Marauder's Map game spot, they would get their own map! (Sometimes not all student would wind up on that spot, so to be fair, they would receive their own map as well.) Check out Britta's website above to get your own! Make sure you are using her map appropriately!


This game is based on J.K. Rowling's magical world of Harry Potter! Its game spots include, but are not limited to:

1. Azkaban (The Wizarding Jail)

2. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

3. The Whomping Willow Tree

4. The Daily Phrophet (the wizarding newspaper)

5. Quick Quotes Quill ( Rita Skeeter's quill)

6. The Ministry of Magic (by way of the visitors entrance, the phone booth)

7. The Marauder's Map

8. The Owl Post

9. Flourish and Blotts (the wizarding library in Diagon Alley)

10. The Time Turner



Banner- A Game Piece Set #11
Banner- B Game Piece Set #12
Game Piece Set #1 Game Piece Set #13
Game Piece Set #2 Game Piece Set #14
Game Piece Set #3 Game Piece Set #15
Game Piece Set #4 Game Piece Set #16
Game Piece Set #5 Game Piece Set #17
Game Piece Set #6 Game Piece Set #18
Game Piece Set #7 Game Piece Set #19
Game Piece Set #8 Game Piece Set #20
Game Piece Set # 9 Game Piece Set #21
Game Piece Set #10    


These documents are things that I use along the way to play Potteropoly. Most of these are self explanitory. I have used a lot of the Harry Potter fonts (see below) in these documents. If you do not have these fonts downloaded, the worksheets might come out looking funny.

A few of the game board pieces change after everyone has gone around the board once (Sorting Hat-> Common Room, Ollivander's Wands-> Wise Wands). There are also some spots that I have not come up with anything to do once someone lands there. These are just spots where someone rests on the game board.

If you have any questions, send me an owl!


Board Game Spot Cards Animagus Registration Form
Blank Game Cards Time Turner Cards
House Sorting Cards Wand Cards
Game Pieces

Apparating License

Madame Malkin's Robe Prices Boggart Beware
List of Character Game Pieces Divination Tower
Which game spots are which? Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
The Mirror of Erised Hogwarts Acceptance Letter
Spells, Jinxes, Curses and Charms Gryffindor Acceptance Letter
Potion Ingredients and Prices Ravenclaw Acceptance Letter

Real LifePotion Ingredients

(from Britta)

Hufflepuff Acceptance Letter

Creat-a-Potion Card

Slytherin Acceptance Letter
Wizard Jar Recipe Ballot Hogwarts-Gr. Graduate Letter
Hogwarts School Song Hogwarts-Sly. Graduate Letter
Sorting Hat Song (Year 4) Hogwarts-Rav. Graduate Letter
Apparition Lessons Hogwarts-Huf. Graduate Letter

Chocolate Frog Box and chocolate frog printable cards

Harry Potter Wizard Money

(make sure to scroll down until you see "Reader Contribution." Click on the links there!)

Warner Brothers Harry Potter printable bookmarks

Muggle Net Harry Potter printable bookmarks

Scholastic Harry Potter printable bookmarks

This is where I got a lot of my Harry Potter writing prompts

Muggle Jar Recipes

(scroll down to Muggle Jar Gifts)

Wizard Bookmarks and gift tags (good for the wizard jar recipes!)



Harry Potter Fonts

*Many of my worksheets and materials have fonts that need to be downloaded in order to see the material correctly. Make sure to download these free fonts:


Hogwarts Wizard

Harry Potter


Parsel Tongue


Magical Me


Harry Potter currency Converter!!!


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