Pumpkin Math is a spook-tacular activity to do with younger children. They get to have fun with pumpkins and practice Math at the same time! Try this activity with your class!


What you will need for each group:

a pumpkin

a knife (adults only!!)

paper plates or small dixie cups (about 50 per group)

a tape measurer

newspaper (to cover work area)

Pumpkin Poster (see below)

at least one parent per group!


Each group will need to use:

sink filled with water

weighing scale

Pumpkin Math mini-booklet

(Bart font used for the bookelt)


*After you have finished the Pumpkin Math, you can give your pumpkin a face!


Give each child a Pumpkin Math mini-booklet. This is for them to use and fill out during the activity.




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