*From How to Get your Child to Love Reading by Esme Raji Codell.*

*Inspired by Beth Newingham*


(From Beth Newingham)


Favorite Read Aloud Book Ballot (end of year)

Readers Are Leaders Note Home

Guided Reading Log

Book Talk Starter Cards

All About Authors- This is a great place to find almost any author you want to learn about! View biographical information, check out their individual list of works, read interview transcripts, and more! This site also includes Authors on the Road, Author Viedos, Writing with Authors, and which authors you can invite to your classroom!
New and Noteworthy Books- This is where you'll be able to find "new and noteworthy" books for teachers, students, and librarians!
Teacher Book Wizard- Find books, level your books, find book talks, create and share your book lists!
Classroom Care- Have your students read 100 books, and 100 books will be donated to kids in need!
Summer Reading Buzz- Keep your students in a buzz about books over the summer with these educator recommended book lists! It also provides summer reads for teachers and librarians too!

Get Caught Reading Posters- Posters of celebrities "caught" reading. Great for inspirational decoration!!

Reading book marks- These marks were made to help students become more of an active reader. (Includes: Predict, Summary, Question and Clarify.)


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