Reading Detectives is a great way to get kids interested in reading! It makes their learning experience fun, exciting, and it connects with their prior knowledge of detective, undercover work.

Some Undercover Gear you may want or need:

*Reading Detective Badges*

(I downloaded mine from Beth Newingham)

*Undercover briefcase*

(I found a mini-silver briefcase at Walgreens for $10. It came with a game inside, I just took the materials out so I could use the briefcase.)

*Magnifying glasses*

(I found mine for $1 at Walgreens)

*Plastic Hand Cuffs*

(At Factory Card Outlet for a cheap set)

*Fake Glasses, Nose and Moustache*

(Again I found these too, in a cheap set, at Factory Card Outlet)

*Dick Tracy Detective Looking Hats*

(from Oriental Trading)

*Tan Trench Coat*

(I brought my own coat so that the students would be able to wear it for a picture)


With your class, create Reading Detectives! Every time the students meet with their Guided Reading group, each student has a hat, magnifying glass, and Reading Detective badge. While they are reading their mystery books, they are searching for clues, suspects etc. and can easily keep track of where they are with their mystery book marks! They are also becoming familiar with mystery vocabulary (clues, suspects, evidence, witness, victum etc).


See Beth Newinghams website for awesome worksheets to help your Reading Detective groups!



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