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Interactive Illinois Report Card

(Data on assessments ISAT and IMAGE. If you need to put more emphasis on something, they have ideas for each section. Look at your school data...some parts will need a password. Ask your administrator!)

Downloads for ISATS can be found at Downloads for Teachers!


Good Deals you DON'T want to miss!

Inexpensive Duck Laminator! At Wal-Mart!

(I couldn't find a link anywhere to show you the Duck laminator that I bought at Wal-Mart in the office section for about $30. But the link is to the Duck website, so you will be able to see the logo and spot it at the store. I love mine! It laminates full sheets of paper! If you are a member at Sam'sClub, buy the 200 count laminating heat-sealed pocket sheets for dirt cheap, $20!)

Vista Print

*neat FREE stuff! Magnets, business cards, post cards etc. Just pay for shipping. Check out their daily deals!

Print Shop 22

With this computer software you can make amazing newsletters, use the clip art on your website plus more. It's under $30 and worth the buy! To see some inspiring newsletters created by Print Shop, visit Beth Newingham's newsletter section under teacher resources!

Mark My Time!

These bookmarks have timers! Great to use for a reading center. Buy 3 or more and get $1 shipping!

Teacher's Pet

This is great to use to create flash cards, word jumbles, quizzes and more. It's a free package that you download and it works out of Word! All of those things in one place...amazing!

HOBO Literacy Organizer (mailboxes)

These are a great buy! They are only $20, and they come in a set of 24 slots. They are made of black, hard, durable plastic. Awesome to use for mailboxes for your students! Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a link to the product. This store is only located in IL and WI.

Dymo Labeler

This is great to have so that you can label what ever you want! Folders, books, staplers, trays...the possibilities are endless! You can buy these at Wal-Mart in the office section for only $20!

Teacher's Clubhouse

This is a great place to get wonderful downloads (some are free, but the ones that aren't have great prices!) for core subjects, as well as Word Study, Holidays and Managment. They also do custom work! Don't have time to create worksheets, units, or fun projects? Let the Teacher's Club do it! This site was created by Amanda Madden and Catherine Koysza. Check it out!


If you are a teacher and you want amazing car insurance, use Geico! I recently just bought a brand new 2008 Toyota Corolla (my first car!) and I wanted to make sure that I had good insurance for what I could afford. Little did I know that GEICO (Government Employee Insurance Co.) was awesome for teachers! Since we work for the government, we get awesome benefits! I have amazing coverage for $350 for 6 months! Just make sure to fill in that you are a teacher when you are requesting an online quote!

Classroom Pencil Sharpener

This pencil sharpener is designed to be used in a classroom!


Mentoring? -This website will give you great information on what to do if you are a mentor or a beginning teacher. It also has mentoring tips, links to more mentoring websites, as well as stuff for new teachers, such as tips, a survival guide, read a new teachers diary, resources, checklists and more!!

Teacher Mentoring Resources

Teacher-Mentor Journals

Record Keep Template-This record keeping template is great beacuse it can be used for anything!

Class Set-Up Tool- This is an "easy-to-use, virtual layout tool that helps you design customized and effective classrooms to promote learning. Use this tool to rearrange and set-up mock classrooms, and map out virtual seating charts."
School Supply List Maker- This is an easy way to create a school supply list, or any supplies you might need for your classroom (a wish list?) and print for free!
Classport- Here you can connect and communicate with classrooms in 182 countries! It even translates your language to the language of the classroom that you are communicating with!
New Teacher?- Check out this website! It has resources, tools and tips for new teachers, including a new teacher helpline, great new teacher benefits from Scholastic Book Clubs and more!
Winning Ideas!- Share your winning ideas for others to read!
Teachers pay Teachers- Its like eBay for teachers!
Student Information Sheet-This sheet is wonderful to keep all of your students information (birthday, parent names, address etc.) in one place!

Plato's Closet- This is a great store to buy used books for cheap! Although it is a place to buy and sell clothes, I have gotten some great books here! Such as Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, Stuart Little, Black Beauty and more, all only $2 each!

Txt2pic- This website can put your text on any picture! I have used many, they are great!

Free Weather Stickers for your Homepage!- Enter in your city, state, or zip code to find the weather for you location and put it on your homepage! After you enter in your information, towards the end of the page there will be a section for you to pick out, out of many, your own weather sticker!

I used this song with my first graders before we walked the halls:

"My hands are hanging by my side,
I'm standing straight and tall.
My eyes are looking straight ahead,
I'm ready for the hall!"

Pandora- Forgot your c.d.'s or iPod? Don't worry! All you need is a computer and Pandora! Go to this website, create an account and use Pandora for free! It plays songs that it thinks you will like based off of songs you tell it you like! Wa-la! Instant music!

Brain Boosters- These are great to get kids warmed up in the morning! They have many categories of boosters such as: categorization, reasoning, lateral thinking, logic, spatial awareness, word and letter play, and number and math play.

Design Your own Lanyard- Create lanyard badges for your classroom jobs! This will help the students remember what their job is for the day. You can choose to do this for all of your jobs, or a few select special jobs. Use the "design your own lanyards" to even write the name of the job on the lanyard! Use the lanyards to hold laminated card stock with the job titles.
Kidzooie- This is a great place for your parents, and students to check out! It gives great local activites to visit, including museums, fairs, sport camps and more! (This is only for IL. residents, sorry!)
Boggle- This is a great game for kids to play with words! The object of the game is to "boggle" the words (mix them up) and however they land, make several different word combinations from the letter cubes. Use it as a word play center! Also great to use with Special Education students who are in need of building socialization skills!
Built NY Lunch Totes- These bags are the winner of the Gold Prize 2005 Idea Industrial Design Awards! They are great because once the kids are done with their lunch, they can roll them up and fit them easily into their backpack! These totes are also made from neoprene, wetsuit material, and are stain resistant!

HP Teacher Experience Exchange- Find and share lesson plans, develop your professional and life skills, or particiapte in an online forum.

Master The Science- You can download free Pokemon-themed science and math lesson plans for grades 3-8!

Discovery Edu. Assessment- This tool allows educators to "predict students' high-stakes test results before they take the real test."

Discovery Edu. Health- is "a comprehensive healthy and prevention library that adresses the needs of the whole student." It also "builds life skills in 9 key topic areas: Physical Activity, Mental Health, Alcohol and other Drugs, Violence, Safety, Nutrition, Tobacco, The Body and Growth and Development."

Discovery Edu. Science- "powers your district’s elementary and middle-school science curricula with up-to-date, standards-based virtual labs, simulations, reading passages and more, coupled with a real-time assessment component that measures student’s progress.

...covering Physical, Earth and Space, and Life Sciences, Discovery Education Science is designed to encourage exploration, stimulate critical thinking, and deepen understanding of science."

Substitute Information Sheet- This sheet would be great to keep in your sub folder, so that the sub can easily find things in your classroom!



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