Students That Are Responsible

I chose S.T.A.R. for our binders because it's my favorite shape and it's simple and easy for everyone to remember!

What is a S.T.A.R. binder?

A S.T.A.R. binder is a binder that you will carry to and from school every day!
It will hold very important documents such as: homework, your monthly behavior calendar and any notes I send home!
Your S.T.A.R. binder will help you stay organized by keeping everything in one place!

S.T.A.R. Rules:

Since you will be using your S.T.A.R. binder all year, these are some rules to keep your S.T.A.R. safe:

Keep your S.T.A.R. clean!
Show your S.T.A.R. to your parents every day!
Do not color or make any markings in or on your S.T.A.R. Keep it shining!!
Do not leave your S.T.A.R. behind at home or on the bus!
Do not take out any pages of your S.T.A.R. unless Mrs. Baker asks you to.
Do not put anything in your S.T.A.R. that doesn't belong.

What's in your S.T.A.R. binder??

S.T.A.R. Cover (in Comic Life)

S.T.A.R. Binder Rules to be kept in the binder as a reminder

*The S.T.A.R. binder will also hold a monthly behavior calendar. This will be on card stock and hole punched into each binder for easy daily use.*

First Clear Sleeve


Daily Classroom Schedule & Rotation Schedule



Here you will be able to find our weekly classroom newsletter that will keep you up to date on important dates, what we are learning in class, book orders and more.

Our Daily Schedule will be a permanent sheet in our S.T.A.R. binder. This gives information on what we are doing at every minute of our days!

The rotation schedule will keep you informed of when we have Specials and what day those Specials occur.

Second Clear Sleeve

Lunch Menu

Class Roster with allergies


This clear sheet holds our lunch menu, class roster (good to have in case of any treats brought in for birthdays, Valentine's Day cards etc.), and classroom allergies. Please make sure to check the classroom allergy list before bringing in any snacks, treats etc. Thank you!

First Folder

Take Home Folder







First Pocket: This folder is for anything that needs to be taken home that day. This will include any notes from me, the school, PTA, nurse, library etc. It also includes any work that has been completed, or graded work. This folder should be cleaned out every evening! This is to ensure that parents are up to date on anything happening at school as well as the folder being clean for the next use. This especially comes into good use if there is anything that needs to be signed and returned to school.

Second Pocket: This pocket is for students to bring home their homework. Unless other wise noted in their assignment note book, these pages need to be completed each night after school.

*Don't worry if this all sounds confusing! All of these folders are labeled with their approriate names!*

Second Folder

Back to School Folder


This folder is for anything coming back to school! Homework will always be brought back in this folder as well as any book order forms, signed slips, notes to Mrs. Baker etc.


If you don't like the idea of using an acronym, you can still give your binders an original name like: Koala Keepers (Sharon Singer) or Husky Helpers!


THANK YOU to Sharon Singer for insipiring my S.T.A.R. binders all the way back to student teaching in 2006!

Other S.T.A.R. binders: Kirsten Van Dyke and Amanda Madden




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