This is a "how-to" to setting up your own webpage! I don't claim to be an expert, but I do have a lot of ideas and advice that can be helpful. If there is something that I do not have included that you would like to know about, please contact me by way of Owl Post. :o)


1. How did you start your own webpage?

I had been wanting to start my own webpage that I would be able to do a lot with. I first started out with a free homepage from Scholastic, but wasn't able to do all the things that I wanted. I purchased an Adobe Creative Suite Web Standard package that included Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and more. These are programs to use when designing a webpage. I got this idea from a friend who already had her own webpage using Dreamweaver.

Other free webpage starters: Free Dreamweaver Trial, Free Geocities, Front Page Trial

2. Is designing a webpage hard?

NO! It is actually very easy! I had only used the simple webpage builder through Scholastic's free service, and thought that building a webpage would be very difficult since I had no experience. BUT, when I purchased the package and worked with it for a few days, I knew my way around! It was easier than I expected.

3. Is purchasing a web design package expensive?

The one I purchased (as a package), was expensive, but that was because it came with multiple programs. You can buy Dreamweaver by itself, for around $100 I believe. Make sure to get the educators price! You have to fax a few things in, but it was simple and it realllllllllly helps with the price!

4. How do I know which web design package is right for me?

If you want to have a webpage that is very visually appealing and very involved, then I suggest the Dreamweaver program. It is very easy to use, and gives you access to so much! But you should also research to see which programs are able to do what, and pick the one that best fits you.

5. Is there anything I should know when starting my own webpage?

I would suggest three things:

a)be very organized b) give credit when appropriate and c) backup everything!

Saving graphics, backgrounds etc. under where you got the items will help you when you are giving credit to the websites (by using their logos). You also want to make sure you are giving credit when appropriate because you don't want to violate any terms of use! Make sure to always check before taking anything! It has to be free to use, and most sites require that you link back to their website. Most importantly, backup all of your material! Put it onto a jumpdrive, a disc, something so that incase your computer crashes, you still have all the hard work that you put into your website.

6. How do I start to setup my own website?

You need to have two things: a web design program, like Dreamweaver, and a web host. A web host is a company that provides web space for you on their server (essentially :o) The web host that I have my domain registered through is Yahoo! Geocities. It costs me less than $10 a month to have my website active and my information private. One thing that was not obvious to me when I first started, was realizing that once you set up through a web host, you have to plug that information into your web design program using your FTP information. All of that is located in your account details through your web host.

7. What have you found most difficult in designing a website?

I still haven't figured out all the kinks! I'm not able to attatch documents for downloading or viewing and it's very frustrating. I was able to do it once (somehow) and followed the same exact instructions from my manuel and it won't work! I've tried everything and I still haven't been able to fix it. So working the kinks is the most difficult and frustrating.


*Be careful using students photos online! Make sure it is O.K. with the parents!

*Be careful putting pictures of yourself online! You don't know who could get ahold of those photos and abuse them.

*Only give out your school information (phone number, email, address etc.) This information is already public and you don't want anyone showing up at your house unexpectedly!

*Keep a mini-spiral (for your site) with you so you can jot down ideas or reminders that come to you during the day that you don't want to forget.


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